What is The Kerry Way Cancer Research Fundraising Walk?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk is a one day fundraising event in aid of Breakthrough Cancer Research, funding cancer research programmes into the most difficult to treat cancers. On the day, there will be two routes, one a distance of 12km and a longer route of 22km.

When and where does The Kerry Way Cancer Research Fundraising Walk take place?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk 2018 will take place in The Seven Heads Route in Courtmacsherry Co Cork on Sunday 30th September, 2018.

Who can take part in The Kerry Way Cancer Research Fundraising Walk?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk is open to men and women of all abilities and backgrounds over the age of 1816 to 18 year's can take part in the walk, but only if accompanied by a responsible Adult. There is no upper age limit but each walker is expected to be fit enough to complete each walk.

No buggies or animals are allowed on the Walk.

While some people take part with friends, a lot of people come on their own, so it’s a great way of meeting new people. You will find that the groups will quickly bond and support each other throughout the event.

How fit should I be?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk suits people of average fitness and stamina, but we recommend you train and prepare for it as soon as you sign up, in order for you to enjoy the event. It is designed to be challenging but achievable. The fitter you are, the more confident you will be and the more you will enjoy the day. For sample training guides, please visit our Training section.

What about safety?

Hill walking is an adventure sport and not devoid of an element of risk. Those taking part in any of the walks do so at their own risk. Information about training, equipment and safety is available on this site. Please ensure that you take time to review this information. The event is supported by volunteer Walk Leaders who will be available to provide guidance, monitor your progress and assist with any first aid. The decision and authority of the Walk Leaders on all walks is final and at all times to be accepted by the participants. First aid cover is also provided.

How much does it cost to take part in The Kerry Way Cancer Research Fundraising Walk?

There is a registration fee of €25 per walker plus additional Fundraising.  Each participant must register separately. A sponsorship pack will be sent to you once we receive your completed registration form. Please note for anyone registering on the day of the event in Courtmacsherry, the registration fee will increase to €50.

(Please note you will also need to bring a packed lunch as well as additional water).

Walkers cover all their own costs and all sponsorship collected by the walkers goes directly towards cancer research. Event organisation and marketing costs are kept to a minimum.

Without the assistance of the walkers, organising committee members and supporting companies, this event wouldn’t take place and it would not be possible to raise vital funds for cancer research and impact the lives of those affected by cancer.

How much sponsorship do I have to raise?

We are extremely grateful of all fundraising efforts made and have outlined what your money helps fund in order for our  scientists to continue their vital work in finding new cancer treatments.

  • €100 - could purchase 50 litres of liquid nitrogen necessary to facilitate freezing tumour cell samples for long-term storage in a cancer bio-bank.
  • €200 - could purchase a kit that will isolate DNA from cells, allowing us to determine the processes happening at a genetic level in the cancer cell.  This kit will test 200 samples.
  • €250 - could purchase a lens for one of our microscopes, used for looking at cancer cell details.
  • €500 - could purchase an antibody that will be used to identify and visualize the different components of the human cancer cell. Antibodies can also be used to identify specific cells of the immune system and determine their role in attacking cancer cells following treatment
  • €750 - could purchase enough tissue culture flasks, used for the cultivation of tumour cells under sterile conditions, for 3 months.
  • €1,000 - could purchase enough units for counting cells, for approx.3 months, necessary to carry out controlled experiments.

How will I raise the sponsorship money?

Once you’ve registered we will provide you with a sponsorship card which will allow you to gather and record donations from family, friends and colleagues.

Fundraising needn't be daunting or hard work! Once you start telling people what you're doing and why, you will be amazed at people’s generosity and support. All it takes is a little inspiration and organisation and the money will begin to roll in. Think about your hobbies and interests - they could be the key to your success! Have a look at  our Fundraising section for some tips and ideas to help you get started.

How do I set up my own online fundraising page?

You can create your own fundraising page by simply going to the following address:


When you have completed the page set-up, you can then email the appropriate link to family, friends and colleagues or share on different social media platforms and they can donate on-line in a secure format using either debit or credit cards.

How do I get more sponsorship cards?

Simply email us at jesse@breakcancer.ie or call us on 1890 998 998 or 021 422 6655 to request an additional card.

When do I have to submit my sponsorship money?

Ideally the minimum sponsorship amount should be received by Breakthrough Cancer Research before the event takes place, with remainder being paid within a few weeks of completing the event.

How do I send you the money I have raised?

You can send the monies raised to Breakthrough Cancer Research along with your sponsorship card. Our address, contact and bank details will be on the card for easy reference. Please do not send cash in the post.

If you have decided to create a EverydayHero.ie fundraising web page, all your sponsorship money from this page will automatically be sent directly to our bank account.

How do I enter?

Registration is currently open for the 2018 walk!

  • Online: Go to our Registration page and complete your form online.
  • Telephone: Call 1890 998 998 021 422 6655 and request a registration pack.
  • Email: Email jesse@breakcancer.ie and request a registration pack.

When do I have to register by?

The closing date to register for the walk is Wednesday 26 September 2018 or once the event participation limit is reached for health and safety reasons. Therefore we would strongly encourage you to sign up straight away which will also give you more time in which to raise your funds and train.

What are the routes like?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk on Tour have been mapped out by experienced walkers ad guides. The walks do generrally followed trails but as the walks are in the countryside, you will encounter all sorts of terrain including fields, uneven land, undulating forest trails, hills and roads.

There will be some sections of the walk that will require you to walk in single file so please be considerate of your fellow walkers. There will also be a small number of roads to cross but these will be marshalled at all times, however please cross with caution. Because these walks are in the countryside, unavoidably there will be some stiles. We have tried to minimise these and where possible there will be marshals stationed at these points to help walkers over them.

You also have some hills to conquer, with great views from the top, so aim to practice on some steeper terrain before the day.

What support will I be given on walk?

You will be well supported and guided throughout the walk and there will always be someone friendly to talk and walk with. Each group will have a walker and sweeper to guide the group. All guides carry contact radios and communicate regularly throughout the day. Support vehicles will also be in place to support the walk leaders and assist with areas such as traffic marshalling etc.

Participants will be divided into walking groups with one guide leading and one guide at the rear. In the interests of safety, no one should pass the lead or fall behind the last guide and any instructions given by the guides must be followed at all times for safety reasons. To help identify participants, please wear your free Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk t-shirt each day.

Although the event is designed to challenge you, we are not putting anyone’s safety at risk and support will be available at all times.

How many people will I be walking with?

As noted, groups will be divided up for different speeds and abilities so we will do our best to keep our groups as small and personal as possible to suit everyones individuals needs.  In the interest of health and safety everyone walks as a group. Each group is allocated a walk leader and sweeper. Please do listen to any advice or guidance they may offer you, as they are there to ensure you enjoy your day.

What will the pace of walking be like?

The pace set will be accommodating for all. This challenge will not be enjoyable if you rush it. The level of fitness will naturally vary throughout the group; therefore whatever pace you adopt you can be sure of company.

The group will be encouraged to work together, with stronger walkers helping those who may be slower. The guides will ensure the group stays together and everyone has a great day, making sure everyone completes the event they have chosen to do for cancer research.

In the interest of safety, participants are not allowed to walk in front of the lead guide or fall behind the last guide.

Are there many stops on the walk?

We will have rest stops throughout the day at appropriate places for water and snacks. As it is quite a long day, you are encouraged to walk at your own comfortable pace.

The most important piece of advice on the day is that you keep taking on fluids at regular intervals. We also recommend that you eat plenty of energy snacks, e.g. nuts, biscuits and fruit in order to maintain those vital energy levels throughout the day as well as adjusting your clothing appropriately. Have extra warm layers in case the weather changes as this years walk will be taking place later then usual in September instead of July.

What weather can I expect?

As with any outdoor event, we are unable to predict the weather so each participant must be prepared for all eventualities. You will need to carry full wet weather gear and warm layers with you on the day.

The weather conditions can change a number of times throughout the day. In the past we have encountered everything from sunshine, to strong winds and rain.

Should there be adverse weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or change the route for safety reasons.

What clothing and equipment will I require?

The main items you will need to bring with you are a comfortable pair of walking boots, a comfortable pair of runners (which can be worn on any road tracks of the route), walking socks, a full set of good waterproofs and plenty of thin warm layers.

You will need to carry your own personal kit for the day in a small rucksack which will include: your lunch, water, fruit, snacks (chocolate, energy bars /drinks etc), waterproofs, warm layers, hat and gloves, and mini first aid kit. Don’t forget to bring blister plasters, lip balm, insect repellent and sunscreen (high SPF due to wind), as well as your sunglasses, mobile phone and a camera.

Where do I register on the day?

Please note: morning registration points will be given to walkers after they have registered for the event.

Where does The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk start?

Please note: morning registration points will be given to walkers after they have registered for the event.

Where does The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk finish?

The walk will be in a loop so all walkers on either route will finish back at the same location they started.

Is transportation provided?

Each walker is expected to provide their own transportation to the registration point and the walk will begin nearby so no transporation will be required.

Will there be any toilet facilities available?

Adequate toilets facilities will be available adjacent to walk registration points - more information will be available on the day.

Will there be any food or refreshments provided?

It is anticipated that some refreshments will be provided including water, energy bars and fruit.  However, walkers should not rely on the provision during the walk as large quantities are not always guaranteed. We would ask all walkers to bring additional liquids, snacks and a packed lunch each of the days.

Is there somewhere nearby where I can stay?

As each day requires an early start, participants may wish to stay locally the night before. There is a wide selection of hotels and guesthouses in the local areas. Have a look through our Accommodation section for more information.

Can I run The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk?

The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk is a hill walking event. For the safety of the other participants, yourself and the general public who we also share parts of the routes with, no running is permitted.

Can I bring a pushchair?

As there are some less accessible sections we cannot allow children or pushchairs on the route.

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs are allowed on the walk.

Do I need insurance?

Breakthrough Cancer Research will not be held responsible for any accident, loss, damage or expenses etc occurred during the event.

Due to the nature of this outdoor activity, participants should accept a certain element of risk. Our guides will do everything in their power to minimise the risks, where possible. In the interests of safety all participants must abide by any decisions made by the guides.

If I don’t want to take part in the event can I help instead?

We are always looking for volunteers to help make The Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk a success. We could not put on the events without their support.

We are looking for people on the day to come and help with a variety of roles. For more information please contact us at jesse@breakcancer.ie or on 1890 998 998.

Photographs from previous events

If you would like to see photos from the previous 11 years (2006-2016) please click here.

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