About Us

Breakthrough Cancer Research

The face of cancer is changing. It was once a disease that you died from. Now it is a disease you can survive. This changes everything. Breakthrough Cancer Research scientists and clinicians work tirelessly to develop new treatments for those cancers which cannot yet be cured.

They are the only charity in Ireland dedicated to funding the efficient and effective development of new treatments for cancer. Research programmes funded by Breakthrough Cancer Research must focus on translating lab discoveries into new treatment opportunities. To this end they work closely with clinicians throughout Ireland and abroad so that their research is targeted at finding new options for poor prognosis and incurable cancers.

Breakthrough Cancer Research – Where Hope Lives.

Over the past 16 years research funded by the charity has led to a number of clinical trials for new treatments and have advanced the understanding of new treatment options. Through research we can impact on the number of people in Ireland who can survive a cancer diagnosis.

The Challenge

Breakthrough Cancer Research’s work is vital because 36,000 people are diagnosed with cancer annually in Ireland, and despite significant increases in the numbers of people surviving cancer and treatment options available, 8,800 people will die because the treatments to save their lives have not been discovered, yet! Breakthrough Cancer Research works tirelessly to develop new treatments for those cancers which cannot yet be cured. They need your help to find the cures.

Our Promise

“Breakthrough Cancer Research’s promise to the people of Ireland is to understand why certain cancers do not respond to conventional therapies and to find new treatments that will work. Their passionate and innovative scientists work tirelessly to ensure new treatments are developed that can save lives.”

What Kerry Way Cancer Research Walk fundraises for:

Breakthrough Cancer Research needs your support for 3 new treatments we are currently working on:

1. Our scientists have figured out why certain cancers such as oesophageal, ovarian and lymphoma do not respond to current chemotherapy regimes and have developed a combination treatment which does work. With financial support we can accelerate the transfer of this treatment from the lab into the clinic.

2. Our scientists have invented an endoscopic device to successfully treat inoperable colorectal tumours which is currently being offered to patients under clinical trial. With financial support the next phase of this research will design devices to treat inoperable lung, oesophageal and pancreatic cancer applying the same technology of electroporation.

3. Our scientists have designed a genetic therapy which helps the body’s own immune system to recognise and kill cancer cells. This offers the best long-term hope for curing cancer at the advanced stage where the cancer has spread throughout the body. Financial support will accelerate the progress of this treatment.

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